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Jonathan Wells

I have always been a self-starter. At eight years old, I began my own lawn-care service. By ten, I served as an apprentice for my father in his roofing business. Sure, my goal back then may have been to buy the latest baseball cards, but the takeaway remained the same: at the end of the day, I cherished seeing my hard work pay off in a finished product, one that would last a client for years. I still apply the same self-starter skillset toward making your home sale a reality. Why? On a fundamental level, I know what it takes to build a stable deal for clients.

If my dad taught me reliability, my mom showed me how to problem-solve. A woman of many trades, she worked in real estate development, film production, business management, and coaching. She made me believe the impossible was possible through her resourcefulness. Yes, we all face obstacles, but if ever a client experiences a bump in the pavement on our way to a deal, I know I can use the tools she imparted to find a unique solution.

Throughout my career in management and real estate, I have served as a leader who looks out for others. Whether working in loss prevention at Best Buy or supervising a Home Depot, I instilled a customer-centric culture. My team’s focus remained on our customers, making them priority #1. I also emphasized recognition and accountability so everyone who walked through the door felt seen, heard, and respected. I apply the same mentality to my clients today. Whatever your home needs, I’m prepared to first listen, then help.

I also believe in transparency and honesty. I am happy to do the required hard work, but I want my clients to know the “why” and “how” behind my decisions. If you better understand my choices during the real estate process, then we will both experience better results. Not only will I be thorough in navigating every element of your real estate deal, I will continuously negotiate. With me as your advocate, you never have to wonder if you might have gotten a better price. .

In addition to being a realtor, I enjoy travelling, embarking on adventures with my wife and Dalmatian, and visiting new cities, cultures, and landscapes. Finding a new path, in my travels and in my business, is always rewarding. Whether with clients, family, or friends, I feel fulfilled when I can help others discover a new path with a new home, leading to their happiness.

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